Warming up

This was a quick warm up before I started a commission. Wanted to see if I could still paint after not painting for a month. Wishing you a warm Christmas. 1 likes

Warming Up

Belmont road

This is my first pastel. My friend Joyce and I had a fun weekend with pastel artist Pam Newell. We had a blast and she really is a great teacher–I learned a lot. 0 likes

Safflowers of Hope

A few years back there was a safflower field just south of Hope on State road 9. It was always lit up when the sun was setting. I thought of it as a sign of Hope. 0 likes

First to Bloom

My family and I were in Georgia visiting my family and we went to the Nilo Plantation to visit my cousin Pat and her husband Kenny. We were at the old cabin by the pond. There on the water, near the edge, was a lump with a small white spot. I took a stick and lifted the moss off the lump and when I did this White Lily unfurled in front of us. It was just awesome and will be a sight I will always remember.   0 likes

Evening Glow

One of the most photographed skies in the Hope Indiana area ever recorded. I painted this the next day. This painting was donated to the Hope PTO for the fun fair silent auction. Thanks to my daughter Jacquie Carman for her inspiration. 0 likes

Walnut Grove

Plein air in my own backyard. This was a shadow study with a friend on a bright sun shiny day and the shadows were great. 0 likes

Nilo Plantation Path

Central Indiana Center For The Arts first place in their juried art show. Georgia in the snow such a beautiful and rare site–glad I had a chance to capture it. 0 likes

“Hearts Afloat”

Irvington Presents 2012, this my entry. I took the reference photo on a field trip for the Central Indiana Land Trust to Sugar Creek. It was a beautiful day and I managed to get several very good shots. 0 likes

Hint Of Spring

My entry into the Richmond Art Museum 114th art show. I was very happy to receive a phone call that this painting sold at the show. 0 likes