Meet the Woman Behind the Canvas

Rhonda Bontrager, Impressionist Artist

Art, to me, is a means of recreating a moment in time or even just a feeling. Using my brushes, knives and paints enables me to convey an emotion or even a memory. It humbles me to share my experiences and work with others.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been interested in art. I entered a contest to see if I could draw “The Character Spunky.” I did well in the contest but as a teen, I soon forgot about art. There were too many other things to do as a teen!

Years went by, I married, started a family and worked full-time. After my four children were raised, I had more time on my hands and not much to do. I also liked pretty things and have always been creative. Then in 2003, I read an article in She Magazine about a local artist who gave lessons. Her name is Rena Blake Dillman. She, along with many other great teachers including C.W. Mundy, Scott Tallman Power, Ron Mack, Julie Houck and Pam Newell have strengthened my desire to continue painting and learning the art.

I immediately and thoroughly fell in love with oil painting – everything from wildlife, to landscapes and portraits. I feel God has given me a gift to share with others. When you look at my work, I want you to see beyond the work itself – to see the meaning behind it.

It would give me great pleasure to sell you one of my pieces of artwork. If you’re interested in purchasing one of my paintings, please leave me a message noting which painting you’d like and I will send you a quote.


We wanted a local artist to commemorate the spirit of our farming community during the 1930’s, and after providing her with old family photos submitted by customers, she took this inspiration and turned it into a historically-accurate portrayal of the lives of our customers, which now hangs proudly in our conference room. Truly remarkable. Thanks, Rhonda!

Harold Cooper
Premier Ag

I’m truly amazed by Rhonda’s ability to take a photo or scene in nature and recreate it on canvas. She captures little details that evoke such good memories and feelings.

Julie Begin
Very Happy Customer